What is TiVo® Start Over and Catch Up?

Keep up with your shows using Start Over and Catch Up. Shows with Start Over and Catch Up available display a Start Over/Catch Up icon TiVo_Catch-up.png  in the Guide or mini-guide (pressing DOWN while watching live TV), or on when you highlight an episode on the Series screen.

  • Start Over: If you start watching a live show when it is already in progress, start over from the beginning. Simply start playing the show, then press and hold OK to start over from the beginning.
  • Catch Up: If you missed an episode when it aired, Catch Up lets you watch it after the fact. (Availability depends on the show.)

Hint: To find Catch Up shows, page LEFT in the Guide and look for the Catch Up icon. Select a show with the Start Over/Catch Up icon and then choose the “Watch Now from ...” option.