Metronet will buy out your current contract with another provider!


Tired of your current provider, but locked in a contract?  Metronet will buy out your current contract (up to $150*), so you can make the switch to 100% fiber!  All we need is a copy of your final invoice showing the final amount due and we'll place the corresponding credit on your account!  See below, email us at, or call 877-407-3224 for all the details.

*Metronet contract buyout promotion is available to new or returning Metronet residential customers. The total buyout credit will be determined by the early termination fee on the final bill from the previous provider, not to exceed $150. A copy of the final bill from a previous provider, with early termination fees, clearly marked, and Metronet account name and number is required and must be sent to within 60 days of the install date. To receive credit reimbursement, the customer must be in good standing. Credit reimbursement will appear on the customer’s invoice following submitting proof of payment to the prior service provider. If the customer terminates service(s) prior to 12 months of install date, the buyout credited amount will be billed to the customer.