What do symmetrical speeds mean?

Metronet provides symmetrical speeds to residential customers, making this one more advantage to being part of our 100% fiber-optic network. Even better, customers receive this automatic speed enhancement at absolutely no cost!

Here’s an example of the benefits of symmetrical speeds: If you currently have our 200/75(download/upload)Mbps speeds, we’re upgrading you to 200/200Mbps automatically. In the past, you might have noticed lag time when uploading items such as large data files, high-resolution photos, and videos - not anymore!  By increasing your upload speeds, this lag time virtually disappears. So, now while you are downloading files, streaming, shopping, and gaming, you can simultaneously upload larger data, such as pictures, videos, or music, without losing bandwidth, for an improved overall internet experience.

So go ahead and upload those high-resolution photos, share travel videos with friends and family, and send Powerpoint presentations for work, all while streaming your favorite movie.  Metronet has got you covered!